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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lirik: Insensitive

a silent move that we make
when we awake
oh no...

my conscience
come and going come and go
a troubled mind and twisted hand
we use everytime this everytime...

all the sentimental feeling
that sometimes makes our heart burning
we surrender to a strong desire
ignorant to the needs of other
.. little whisper of little voices
that calls when we make desperate choices
are we that oblivious?
so insensitive

... so many choices to be made
so little time to decide
so little guilt on our side


Anonymous said...

letto itu..musiknya lembut, main musiknya juga oke banget. tapi kalo kolaborasi agak ngilang suaranya, terlalu pelan! asyik untuk temen bobo. May suka lagu insensitive untuk temen bobo, truth cry n lie untuk alarm subuh, n sampai nanti sampai mati untuk ringtone. Sebenarnya cinta n ruang rindu buat NSP. Maniak, ya?

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Anonymous said...

lots and lots of syntax and grammatical errors in the lyrics. The writer must be one stupid mofo who thinks that his/her english is excellent.

Singer has a very thick accent and very bad and wrong pronunciation. Should have learned how to speak english properly before going national acting like you graduated from United States by writing a lot of "broken english" songs and copying the notion of RNB songs. Be creative, native motherfuckers! Stop plagiarizing USA.